President's Greetings

President's Greetings

  • Woo Il, Lee
  • President of the Korean Federation of
    Science and Technology Societies

Aiming for an open S&T platform that can be shared with the people and spread out throughout the

Standing on the cusp of a great unprecedented upheaval led by the 4th industrial revolution, KOFST's mission and
strategic direction is to serve not only as a facilitator of scientific and technological innovation but also as a bridge
between the people and the science and technology community.
KOFST will make the following efforts to ensure that science and technology will be at the heart of addressing pivotal
challenges facing the new era.

First, we will revitalize the science and technology innovation ecosystem.
Second, we will dramatically enhance the involvement of future generations in the operation of KOFST.
Third, we KOFST will contribute to improving the quality of life.
Fourth, we KOFST will lay the foundation for our new leap forward.

Dear fellow scientists and engineers,
KOFST aims for 'an open science and technology platform that can be shared with the people and spread out
throughout the world’. We set to reach new heights in becoming the pioneer of the future by embracing generation and communicating with citizens.
We ask for your unwavering interest and active participation in this long-lasting journey and for your unreserved advice
and support. Thank you.

Woo Il, Lee, President of the KOFST