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International Cooperation
on S&T

2017 국가 과학기술혁신 국회 대토론회


The KOFST in tune with the world in an unprecedented era of hyperconnectivity through
the means of science and technology

We go hand in hand with Korean scientific talents taking
an active part in the international arena.
Through various international cooperation and exchange
programs, we actively support Korean scientists and
engineers to create new values in the field.

Overseas Korean Scientists and Engineers Associations

Support of the members of the Overseas Korean Scientists and Engineers Associations stationed in 18 countries around the world to globalize Korea’s science and technology

  • 18,895 members in 18 countries (e.g., Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association, which was founded
    in Vienna, Virginia, United States in December 1971)
  • Regular/regional academic conferences and seminars
  • Operation of chapters and committees combined with special programs for overseas Koreans
  • World Congress of Korean and Korean-Ethnic Scientists and Engineers (WCSE) aimed at promoting overseas
    Associations and their achievements

Academic exchanges among overseas Korean S&T experts

Promotion of relationships among Korean S&T experts
in the United States, Europe, Canada, Asia, and
Russia by hosting the UKC, EKC, CKC, AKC,
and the CISKC

  • ‘Award for Overseas Scientist of the Year’ to raise the
    morale of scientists and engineers abroad
  • Support of the employment opportunities for overseas
    Korean experts by promoting their world-class research
    papers to domestic companies and organizations

Young Generation Forum

Network building among local and overseas young Korean scientists and engineers from 18 countries

  • Opportunities to interact and explore cultures among young scientists and engineers at home and abroad
  • Creation of a national bond with Korea

Support of the next-generation S&T leaders

Capacity-building and training of young scientific and technological talents as a means to catalyze youth
employment and national S&T development

Science and technology exchange with North Korea

Private Sector-led S&T exchange, cooperation and support with North Korea to lay a foothold to mutual trust
and reunification

  • South-North Korea S&T Conference (Pyeongyang, 2006)

Cooperation with foreign S&T organizations

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), China Association for Science and
Technology (CAST), Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA), and others

Science and Technology Diplomacy Center

Promotion of S&T diplomacy through international discussion and cooperation on S&T agenda that require
global efforts and concerted actions

Science and Technology ODA Center

Network of non-government experts to implement national S&T ODA programs