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Enhancing Social Empowerment
of Scientists and Engineers

2017 국가 과학기술혁신 국회 대토론회


Dedicated to enhancing the pride of scientists and engineers who will spearhead the future of social innovation

We support excellent scientists and engineers by creating a good research environment where they can be immersed in their research and take pride and honor in their work.

Presenting the Korea Best Scientist Award

The highest authority and honor among the S&T awards in Korea

  • The annual awards are given to up to four Korean nationals who have greatly contributed to national development
    and public welfare through world-class R&D achievements and/or technological innovation and are respected
    by the science and technology community and the public.
  • Presidential medals and prizes
    A total of 38 awardees from 2003 to 2017
  • Official, impartial and thorough evaluation and verification processes: Expert review →
    Sectoral evaluation board → Final evaluation committee

New Year’s Greetings of Scientists and Engineers

Scientists and engineers convened to foster harmony and hope for the country’s economic vitality and development

A government prize to mark the Science Day

S&T Medals, Presidential/Prime Ministerial Commendation

  • Awarded to boost the morale of scientists and engineers and promote the government’s will to develop science
    and technology in commemoration of the Science Day

Best Science and Technology Thesis Awards

Awarded to those who have published excellent articles based on creative research

  • Articles recommended by academic associations and reviewed/selected by the KOFST
  • Encouragement of research and improvement of the article’s quality