Major Businesses

Network Building for
Scientists and Engineers

2017 국가 과학기술혁신 국회 대토론회


Important individuals make one great

The KOFST is the bedrock on which Korea’s bright future
for science and technology lies.
The KOFST is wide open to 600 member organizations
in the pursuit of upholding their respective values.

Korea Science and Technology Center (KSTC)

Home to 151 organizations including 104 academic associations, 20 member organizations,
and 27 nonmember organizations

  • Facility rental for 1,207 events including meetings, lectures/debates, conferences, seminars, and other programs

Establishment of The Science Plaza

A hub tailored for start-ups and knowledge
sharing to lead the Fourth Industrial

  • A building composed of 10 floors and
    a four-story basement in Gangnam,
    Seoul that is expected to be completed
    by 2020

Sports day for scientists and engineers

Promotion of friendship and sportsmanship in the science and technology community for better
communication and interaction