Organizational Chart and Member Organizations

Member organizations

As of January 31, 2018

Member organizations
Type Type
Academic Science 46 Korean Mathematical Society, Korean Chemical Society, and others
Engineering 111 Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers, and others
Agriculture/Fisheries 55 Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers, and others
Health/Medicine 108 Pharmaceutical Society of Korea, and others
General 62 Korea Planning Association, and others
Subtotal 392
Public 118 Science and Technology Policy Institute, and others
Private Companies 31 Samsung Electronics, and others
Affiliated research centers 72 Central Research Center of Doosan Heavy, and others
Subtotal 103
Total 603 About 460,000 people (Source: eNEST)

Regional Federations

Regional Federations
Region Foundation President Number
Individuals Organization Total
Daegu Regional Federation 2003.03.26 Lee, Duk Dong / Professor Emeritus, Kyungpook National University 588 77 665
Chungnam Regional Federation 2003.04.29 Ryoo, Kun Kul / Professor, Department of Display&Materials Engineering, Soonchunhyang University 120 1 121
Daejeon Regional Federation 2003.06.23 Park, Youn Won / CEO, BEES CO., Ltd 1,330 72 1,402
Chungbuk Regional Federation 2003.06.30 Cho, Nam Seok / Professor Emeritus, Chungbuk National University 151 22 173
Gyeongnam Regional Federation 2003.07.03 Choi, Sang Jun / Professor Emeritus, Inje University 739 15 754
Gwangju/Jeonnam Regional Federation 2003.07.22 Kim, Byung Ki / Professor Emeritus, Chonnam National University 453 103 556
Gangwon Regional Federation 2003.08.26 Chun, Kun Woo / Professor, College of Forest And Environmental Sciences, Kangwon National University 275 6 281
Jeju Regional Federation 2003.09.04 ee, Sun Joo / Professor, Department of Chemistry, Jeju National University 165 19 184
Jeonbuk Regional Federation 2003.10.08 Kim, Seong Jo / Professor Emeritus, Wonkwang University 103 10 113
Incheon Regional Federation 2003.10.30 Cho, Won Seung / Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Inha University 199 14 213
Gyeonggi Regional Federation 2003.11.24 Lee, Jong Seh / Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Hanyang University 155 2 157
Busan/Ulsan Regional Federation 2011.05.16 Park, Tae Joo / Chair Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Pusan National University 196 27 223
Gyeongbuk Regional Federation 2016.07.22 Kim, Kwang Soo / Professor Emeritus, Yeungnam University 255 15 270
13 Regional Federations 4,729 383 5,112

Overseas Korean Scientists and Engineers Associations

Regional Federations
Overseas Associations Foundation Location President Member No.
The Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association(KSEA) 1971.12.11 Vienna. VA U.S.A Eunsuk Seo 7,148
Verein Koreanischer Naturwissenschaftler und Ingenieure i. d. BRD e. V.(VEKNI) 1973.05.06 Kiel Germany Wonsun Park 1,200
The Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in the UK(KSEAUK) 1974.11.01 London U.K. Migeun Park 1,010
Association des Scientifiques Coreens en France(ASCoF) 1976.01.31 Paris France Chunghae Park 300
The Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in Japan(KOSEAJ) 1983.10.22 Tokyo Japan Jaewon Park 3,000
The Association of Korean-Canadian Scientists and Engineers(AKCSE) 1986.11.29 Ontario Canada Gapsoo Chang 1,400
The Korean-Chinese Scientists and Engineers Association(KCSEA) 1989.07.21 Yanji City China Jiongmo Cui 2,500
Association of Korean Scientific and Technical Societies of Russia(AKSTS Russia) 1991.07.08 Moscow Russia Edis Borisovich Ten 242
The Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in Kazakhstan(KAHAK) 1991.07.08 Almaty Kazakhstan Grigoriy A. Mun 580
The Korean Scientific and Technical Societies of Uzbekistan(KSTS "TINBO") 1991.07.08 Tashkent Uzbekistan Lyubov Yun 615
The Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in Austria(KOSEA) 1998.09.18 Vienna Austria Jongmun Park 110
The Korean Academy of Scientists and Engineers in Australia(KASEA) 2009.12.05 Cherrybrook Australia Sokcheon Pak 183
Korean-Scandinavian Scientists and Engineers Association(KSSEA) 2011.01.29 Holte Denmark Yoonseon Yoo 128
Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in the Netherlands(KOSEANL) 2012.02.25 Amsterdam Netherlands Hyongsil Cho 132
Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in Singapore(KSEASG) 2013.02.16 Singapore Singapore Suseong Lee 130
The Society of Korean Scientists and Engineers in Finland(KOSES) 2010.12.17 Turku Finland Byungjin Cho 51
Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in Switzerland(KSEAS) 2012.02.25 Geneva Switzerland Younghan Choe 109
Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in Belgium(KSEAB) 2014.11.29 Heverlee Belgium Bong Yoo 57
18 overseas Korean scientists and engineers associations 18,895