Major Businesses

Policy Analysis and Proposal
on S&T Pending Issues

2017 국가 과학기술혁신 국회 대토론회


Uniquely placed to forecast the future
based on a creative and innovative
S&T policy development and analysis

We actively analyze, forecast, and respond to the
pending issues facing the science and
technology community in a
flexible but fundamental manner.

Forums, Seminars, Conferences, and Public Hearings on the
S&T Innovative Policy

Consensus building and policy proposal on major S&T
issues and mid-/long-term challenges

  • Science and Technology Innovation Policy
    ForumsSixty-eight times from 2005 to 2017
  • Surveys on the S&T community’s awareness of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Three times in 2017
  • Conferences on current S&T issues Seven times in 2017

Response to S&T-related social issues

Strengthening the role of S&T in addressing the public’s anxiety on “threats to the daily lives” and
conducting expert forums, surveys, and public hearings on S&T-related social issues that can directly impact the lives and safety of people

  • Operation of standing expert committees and networks
  • Affiliate: S&T Issue Information Center
  • Solution Nets (5): 4th Industrial Revolution Net, KOFST-IPCC Net, S&T Intergeneration Net,
    Youth Employment Net, S&T Gender Net
  • Issue Forums (3): Bioeconomy Forum, Data Science Forum, New Energy Forum
  • Forums and conferences to respond to S&T social issues. Twenty-three times in 2017

National Assembly Debate on Science and Technology Innovation

Holding debates on regional innovation and S&T development across the country

  • Visit Day of Scientists and Engineers to the National Assembly. Since 2010

Research projects on science and technology policy

Providing in-depth analysis and solutions on S&T policy issues and mid-/long-term challenges

  • e.g., Free semester system for the science/engineering department
    Twenty-four cases from 2012 to 2016 and three cases in 2017

Publications on research analysis of S&T issues

Providing policy analysis information and trends to multifaceted opinion leaders representing the government,
the National Assembly, and high-level S&T community.

  • Issue Paper: Trend report on current major issues. Twenty-five publications in 2017
  • Issue Report: An in-depth research and analysis based on expert research on current issues.
    Eleven publications in 2017

Advisory Panel on Daily Life Science

Relieving public anxiety and securing trust based on scientific, objective analysis and verification of issues closely related to the people’s lives