President's Greetings

President's Greetings

  • Myung-ja Kim
  • President of the KOFST
  • The 7th Minister of Environment,
    Republic of Korea
  • Member of the 17th National Assembly,
    Republic of Korea

Science and technology, a prime mover behind the phenomenal economic growth and industrial development for the last half century, are now expanding their missions and roles to achieve more inclusive growth.

The future of humanity depends on the science and technology innovation as we ride the wave of the Fourth Industrial Revolution disposed to bring forth the most transformative shift in human history.
The KOFST will spearhead the creation of a new science and technology ecosystem that is conducive to creativity, autonomy and challenge, shifting from the old paradigm that considers science and technology as tools for economic growth. We will also exert efforts to lead the national research and development achievements to greater competitiveness of the country and a higher quality of people’s lives.

Standing on the brink of a major turning point, we scientists and engineers hope that our passion and dedication will help turn crisis into opportunity, based on which Korea could capitalize on the golden time of innovative growth and become a global leader.

To this end, the KOFST pledges its commitment as follows:
We will try to transform the KOFST to an organization receptive to governance innovation that serves scientists, engineers and its members, and enhance creativity and autonomy of the science and technology communities.
The KOFST will strive to strengthen the science and technology mindset and leadership at the national level through close cooperation and communication with the government and private sectors.
We will be responsive to social demands to help the people live safer and better lives.
We will leverage public diplomacy as a vehicle to expand the scope of science and technology amenable to the current trend of hyperconnectivity and hyperintelligence by strengthening international networking in pursuit of glocalization.

We believe that the KOFST’s vision and passion can enable us to fulfill the needs of our time. “Together,” we can do it. The KOFST will keep its door wide open and embark upon our new journey with you.
Thank you!

Myung-ja Kim, Ph. D.
President of the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies