President's Greetings

President's Greetings

  • Woo Il, Lee
  • President of the Korean Federation of
    Science and Technology Societies


Graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Seoul National University
Obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, United States

Key Experience

2014-2016 Vice-President of Seoul National University (Research)
2015-2016 Standing CEO of the Citizens’ Coalition of Scientific Society
2019- Current President of the International Committee on Composite Materials

An open science and technology platform
that ventures into the world to be shared with the people.

In the age of the uncharted revolution led by the fourth industrial revolution, the way forward for the KOFST that matches it vocation is to serve as a facilitator for scientific and technological innovation as well as a bridge between the people and the science and technology community.

To direct the challenges of the new era for success with science and technology taking center stage, the KOFST will make the following efforts

First, we will vitalize the scientific and technological innovation ecosystem.

We will promote communication and cooperation between innovative entities across different disciplines, fields, and generations and converge the capacity of “individuals” into the capacity of “us” to transform the KOFST into a platform of collective intelligence which will allow communication, convergence, and innovation to prosper and grow stronger. To this end, we will launch a periodic communication conference engaged by various scientific and technological fields to jointly discuss pending issues and mid- to long-term national policy directions.

We will actively put forward bottom-up programs to strengthen our connection with 600 membership organizations, which are the reliable assets of the KOFST, and to increase their engagement. We will expand the existing international cooperation network that is centered on developed countries to further solidify our presence as a hub for the spread of the Korean Wave in science.

Second, we will drastically enhance the involvement of future generations
in the operation of the KOFST.

The spirit of the challenge for the younger generation, combined in harmony with the experience and knowledge of the specialists along with the leadership of the senior members, will invigorate the KOFST. We will undergo a drastic transformation to become the younger KOFST that provides significant support for the creative and challenging endeavors pursued by young talents and carefully listen to their voices. To this end, we will launch the Committee for Future Generations (provisional name) centering on those in their 40s to help future generations plan and operate their own programs. We look forward to seeing that young talents will be able to demonstrate their creative capabilities to the fullest and communicate with society to gain experience for further growth within the KOFST

Third, the KOFST will contribute towards 'improving the quality of life'.

We will actively address the issues that threaten the safety and lives of any individuals, such as environmental issues, infectious diseases, and natural disasters, to fulfill our social responsibility of ‘scientific obligations’. Through imparting scientific communication, we will tackle public anxiety and pave the way for rational discussions with the pertinent bodies from various fields of society.

In order to reflect the transformed media environment and form communications that are angled towards the public, we will innovate our communication strategies by developing public-friendly contents and actively utilizing new media such as YouTube, thereby improving the public awareness of science and technology

Fourth, we will lay the foundation for the new leap forward of the KOFST.

We will create a space for knowledge exchange and communication through the successful completion of the construction of the Science Plaza. We will transform the building into a scientific and cultural space that attracts the citizens of all walks of life. We will remain fully committed to our role as the elder brother and spokesperson of the science and technology community by actively voicing any remarks we have on pending or fresh issues. In order to effectively carry out these tasks, we will reorganize our advisory and administrative bodies, including our committees, and create an organizational culture based on communication, cooperation, and ethics.

Dear members of the KOFST.

The 20th administration of the KOFST is oriented towards an'open science and technology platform that ventures into the world to be shared with the people.'

We will continue to open up the future, embrace all generations, and communicate with our citizens. We ask for your earnest interest and attention, participation, and unreserved advice and support remains with us on this long-lasting journey. Thank you.

Woo Il, Lee, President of the KOFST