Major Businesses

Support for Academic

2017 국가 과학기술혁신 국회 대토론회


Trusted platform for creating an innovative
ecosystem of academic activities based on
creativity and autonomy

The KOFST is behind you as an advocate
of scientists and engineers.
We support the academic activities of science and
technology institutes to lay the foundation for a national
science and technology innovation and promote an
autonomous and creative research environment.

Support of academic journals

Publication and globalization of domestic and international journals

  • Financial support (e.g., online publication costs, English editing, manuscript editing) for journals published
    by nonprofit academic organizations registered in the KOFST eNEST as well as English journals
    registered in the SCI(E)/SCOPUS
  • Workshops and training programs for editors to bring the quality of local journals to an international level
  • 261 and 110 cases of domestic and foreign journals, respectively, and 10 cases of globalization in 2017

Dasan Conference

Offering insights into the latest research trends and establishing international research network by inviting world-renowned scholars on
cutting-edge research topics that contribute to scientific and national
development and to the convergence of interdisciplinary expertise

Support of academic conferences

Support of domestic/regional/international events

  • Promotion of academic exchanges among local and overseas researchers
  • Support of diverse activities driven by academic organizations
  • Support of domestic/regional/international conferences featuring at least 20 countries and more than 200 research
    papers and held under the principle of continental rotating system
  • 216, 86, and 7 cases of local, international, and foreign conferences, respectively
    309 cases in 2017

Globalization of research results

Establishment of a global platform for S&T journals aimed at increasing the distribution and citation of
domestic journals

  • Database platform for science journals
  • Improved user convenience (e.g., access to Google Scholar)
  • A set up of an international website expected to raise the number of journals registered under internationally indexed database